Primary Care Networks form a key building block of the NHS long-term plans. Bringing general practices together allow us to provide a wider range of services to patients, whilst also decreasing the workload on GP’s. This improves the ability of practices to recruit and retain staff, manage finances and facilities more efficiently, and to more easily integrate with the wider health and care system.

As we come out of the Covid Pandemic and demand pressures on primary care continue to grow, the time for reorganisation of the NHS and a political appetite for transformation of services is increasing.

Primary Care in Andover suffers these pressures on top of longer standing issues of socio-economic deprivation and the resulting health problems, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Andover PCN can help:

With our additional roles working across practices, we can offer alternatives for patients to seeing a GP.

Engagement with community organisations and structures to ensure we can feed patients back into non-healthcare settings when that is more appropriate for their needs.

Using pharmacists and care-coordinators to proactively manage our elderly and complex patients where polypharmacy and poor continuity have the potential to cause significant harm.

Being a single voice and contact point for other organisations to engage with Andover Primary Care, lifting some of this burden from practices, but also providing stronger advocacy for our population.

We hope to demonstrate that the PCN can support primary care in Andover thrive in difficult times. We expect the PCN to continue to develop and improve patient care in Andover, and to create opportunities for innovative ways of promoting wellbeing.

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